"At Flixit animations,We created this video to wish diwali to our clients. I am responsible for all the 3D animated shots."




"An Animator"

"This is flixit animations Demoreel. I am responsible for all the 3D animated shots. This was a small studio and I was the only 3D Animator in the team,so i used to handle the entire 3d Animation process"

"Flixit animations Created this show to endorse Dogfood brand. I was the only animator for this show so Working on this one was always fun. proud of animating the show for claymation.loved animating with my creative director and Mentor Mr. Makrand Joshi. Thanks to Makrand Sir for this unforgettable show"

"Ganny vs. Crannies is series of 6 commercial. Granny's main goal in life is to gobble up some rare, tangy cranberries. Watch her use various kinds of props to get her hands on some berries. this is just a trailer."

"Role: CG Supervisor"

"I animated this video to demonstate the packaging process"